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The Story about my friends

My first post I wish I had pics of some of my amazing friends.I do have some of one of my friends,his name is faisal I met him online lol,but that was 5 years ago and were still friends.Next year we will meet for the first time woot woot.Mainly I will be writing about my friends in this lj so heres I go.


Ok my first friend that i love with all my heart that  ive known 4 ten years THOMAS,we met in school I was 15 and he was 13 at the time.I knew right away that we would be really good friends.

My second best friend SEAN 6 years I also met him at school to when I was 18 and he was 16.(lata on I will write more about them)

Ok now this is were Im going to go crazy with my friends,here I go

Sarah&Josh met them working at walmart Josh 6 years and Sarah 5

Theresa also met working at walmart 6 years

George knew of him back in school didn't start talking to him till we worked together at Exxon 4 years

James my buddy met him working at Taco Bell yes thats right I worked there,I love my James known him 4 one year,hes not only one of my best friend hes also my brother in my heart

Chris met at work there is so much about him that I need to write a book about him 1 year

Brenna wow very amazing shes full of life and energy met at work 1 year

Emily met her from Brenna and Chris we have fun when we all hang out together 1 year

Heather the same met her from Brenna and Chris too woot thats my drinking buddy lol 1 year

I got alot of friends that Im not mentioning right now but I will lata on

And now my online friends that I met from yahoo

David 5 years he lives all the way in Hawaii,hes a really good friend that I care 4 deeply

Simon 3 years I love my simon he is fine as hell lol,but lives all the way in Britain,hes fucking awesome can't wait to post pics of him

T also known as Thomas,but I call him T known him 6 months lives near me so were online friends and friends that hang out too,he always makes me laugh

and now last my number online friend Faisal,5 years hes the first one I ever talked to online and added on my buddy list i got lots of pics of him but im going to post my 2 fave of him

woot he is so sweet and nice I wish he lived near me I love this pic.

Aww it sucks to have a best friend and who lives so far away from you. :(

Ok my last one of him this ones my fave cause he has such a nice smile!

Well this is it 4 now hopefully Ill be posting some more pics of my friends and all of them too

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