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So I'm in my I need to write mood yay me!So I'm going to write my best friend Thomas a note here it goes.



                                          Dear Thomas,

                            Wow we don't hang out or talk like we use to (which I miss so much),but I just want you to know that I am always thinking about you 24/7.You and I have been through alot I mean wow 10 years.That is a long time lol I feel like were married sometimes :) Thank god were not no offense to you.Just who would be my number 1 best friend.Theres so much that I need to thank you for and writing it down in this note can take 4ever lol.

                           I just wanted you to know that yes we are getting older and moving on with our separate lives.Does not mean that I don't think about you or miss you.Cause I do all the time too.You are my soulmate.See b4 I only believed that soulmates were 4 lovers,but thats not true.Soulmates can also be your best friend too.And I am so very thankful and grateful that you are my forever best freind and heres a card that are so my words that i would say to u.

                                                                   love always your latina





ok i tried to stretch it out so u can read it if u cant then look at this


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